Resources for Non-profit Organizations during the COVID-19 Crisis

When unexpected events – such as the COVID-19 pandemic – up-end your organization’s everyday functioning, there are steps you can take for both work continuity and sustainable financial management. Below are resources for non-profits on working remotely and securing your organization’s financial standing. Take some time now to consider current and impending financial stresses to your organization, and to plan in case of economic recession, operations shut-down, or donor decline.

General Resources

How Nonprofits Can Utilize the New Federal Laws Dealing with COVID-19 by Tim Delaney.

Leading an Organization Through the COVID-19 Crisis. BoardSource Blog. By Phil Buchanan.

What Nonprofit Board Members Should be Doing Right Now to Address the COVID-19 Situation BoardSource Blog. By Joy Folkedal and Lindsay Tallman.

Briefing on Emergency Coronavirus Funding for 501(c)(3) Nonprofits Recorded Webinar from U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Non-profit Sustainability

From Sustainability to Survivability: How Nonprofits Can Manage Uncertainty Amid Crisis. by Steve Zimmerman.

Help! Coronavirus Might Force Me to Cancel My Fundraising Event.  by Andrea Holthouser.

How to Keep Raising Money When Events are Canceled by Swaim Strategies

The latest in Covid-19 Resources. Network for Good.

Free Fundraising Resources Library. Network for Good.

Working and Meeting Online

Effective Ways to Start Meetings – Check-in Success by Richard Cohen

Best Practices for Effective Meetings – UW-Madison Office of Strategic Consulting

Online Decision-Making – UW-Madison Office of Strategic Consulting

Leadership for the Virtual Office – UW-Madison Office of Strategic Consulting

Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success.- LinkedIn Learning resources on optimizing remote working

Best Practices for Hosting a Digital Event: Zoom blog

Tips for Hosting online Conversations: By Peggy Holman, Journalism That Matters

Options for Video Meetings:

  1. Zoom Basic – Free – Meetings for a limited number of participants for up to 40 minutes.
  2. Zoom Pro – $14.99 per month – Up to 100 participants per meeting. No time limit. (Zoom is available Free for educational use –
  3. Google Meet – Free – Restrictions vary based on whether they are using Google Suite or regular Gmail as a host account.
  4. Cisco WebEx – Free during the Pademic –
  5. Microsoft Teams – Microsoft has tools within their MS Teams platform, both for paid and free users available as part of their response to the pandemic  –
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