COVID 19: Office & Staff Update

UPDATE 6/15/2020:

As a Division of UW-Madison, Extension is following the lead of UW-Madison leadership in responding to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, in conjunction with public health and county officials.  Extension is following the guidance of the CDC, Wisconsin DHS, the governor, and the UW-Madison Campus. The continued guidance from UW-Madison and local government is to limit on-site work in addition to curtailing in-person events. Our priority is the health of ourselves, our coworkers, our neighbors, and everyone in our communities.

Extension staff continues to telecommute and remotely deliver our programming. Social distancing and preventing potential infections are key areas we can help curtail the impacts of this outbreak. Guidance from UW-Madison is for staff to work remotely.

Please email our educators directly instead of coming into the office or contact our office at 262-284-8288. Our office will not be open to the public.

Thank you for your understanding.
Cindy Sarkady, Area Extension Director
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