4-H Virtual Exchange Recap: Chatting with Chattanooga

Ozaukee County 4-H youth took part in a virtual exchange with youth from Chattanooga, TN that wrapped up on July 23. The exchange consisted of three youth-led  Zoom meetings. Ten youth from WI and ten youth from Tennessee participated.

At the first meeting, the youth, as a group, decided what they wanted the focus of the exchange to be. They came to consensus to take turns presenting something about their state. At the next two Zooms, youth shared information about famous people and animals, places to visit, and interesting facts about their states. 

The following reports were submitted by one youth summarizing what took place during the exchange meetings:

  • On Thursday, July 9th, a meeting was conducted over Zoom with the attendance of 15 4-H youth, and 8 adult volunteers from Wisconsin and Tennessee. The meeting began at 2pm with introductions and an icebreaker from each state. The Wisconsin icebreaker was a question of what would be brought to a deserted island, pick a person, one entertainment, and one food. The Tennessee icebreaker was a scavenger hunt around the house to find items. After getting to know one another, the youth lead the meeting and decided what the next meeting should look like. Youth came up with many ideas and voted for state facts. An adult leader created a sign-up sheet for topics to choose from for state facts. Following the sign-up sheet, an agenda was created an agenda for the June 16th meeting. To conclude the meeting, a dance party took place. Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm. Overall, it was a very fun and exciting meeting.
  • July 16th, 2020 was the second meeting of the trilogy between Wisconsin and Tennessee 4-H youth and adult leaders. There were 11 youth and 6 adult leaders. The meeting began at 2:06 pm with brief introductions of sharing your name, state, and the last thing you ate. We welcomed 4 new youth, Carter and Drew J., Ian R., and Mckinely K. After introductions, youth lead opening icebreakers. The icebreakers were charades, and a question of if you had to sing one song, what would you sing and why? 2:30 pm rolled around and youth began sharing facts that they found about their state. The presenters from Tennessee shared about the history on the Manhattan Project, the Incline Railway, and Pathogen.  The presenters from Wisconsin shared about Wisconsin’s sport teams and animals. After all the cool facts and info, the agenda was created for the next meeting. Once the agenda was created, the closing icebreakers were youth led and everyone participated. One icebreaker involved the 4-H clover and asked youth to put in activities that went into the categories of the H’s. After putting in their activities, there was a whole group discussion about the activities put into the clover. The other icebreaker concluded the meeting with the prompt of what is one thing you learned today. A majority of the responses were about the Tennessee’s Manhattan Project history. The meeting ended at 3:30pm.
  • July 23, 2020 was the last virtual exchange Zoom with our Tennessee friends was attended by five adults, five youth from WI and four youth from TN. The icebreaker was to share things about yourself that start with the same letters of your first name. Seven youth gave short presentations. The presentations were on beef cattle, fun facts on WI, famous people from TN, and Ruby Falls, a series of underground waterfalls, in TN. At the end of the meeting we talked about TV shows that we think are funny and shared how we participate in 4-H. Participating in the Virtual Exchange with Tennessee was a fun way to get to know 4-Hers from other counties in WI and, of course, 4-Hers from Tennessee.

Of the youth who completed the final evaluation, 100% agreed or strongly agreed that they enjoyed participating in the program, that they learned something new, and that the program helped them feel more connected to 4-H.

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