Thank a 4-H Volunteer

2023 Volunteer Shout-Outs!

I would first like to start off by giving a huge thank you to my leader Dorothy Parchim. Dorothy has not only become my leader and my mentor, but has become one of my closest friends throughout my years in 4-H. She has been at my side, pushing me to take on new opportunities, supporting me and showing me how to build confidence and character in myself as a 4-H’er. – Emilee, Cloverleaf 4-H Club

4-H thrives on the generosity of our volunteers. Help us show appreciation for these outstanding individuals by recognizing a specific 4-H volunteer in the county.

Participate in a number of ways.

  • Submit a photo of that volunteer in action! (4-H related photos only please)
  • Submit a quote
  • Record a short video of yourself
    • Thank you “insert volunteer name”
    • 4-H Club
    • What do you want to thank the volunteer?
    • What has that volunteer done for you, the 4-H project or group, the 4-H club, county, etc-

We encourage you to submit a recognition by the 2023 National Volunteer Week, April 16 – April 22. Recognitions submitted prior to April 12th will be shared to social media throughout National Volunteer Week to celebrate our 4-H volunteers. Submissions entered afterward will still be used to celebrate volunteers throughout the year and at volunteer events.

2023 Volunteer Shout-Outs!

Jan Dommer, Ozaukee County 4-H Volunteer
Bob Eicher, Ozaukee County 4-H Volunteer
Linda Szczerbinski, Ozaukee County 4-H Volunteer
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