Community Development

Extension – Ozaukee County provides community development programming in:

Nonprofit Organization Development 
Extension works alongside nonprofit leaders as they build their organization’s capacity to achieve their mission, use resources strategically and build collaborative relationships that result in improved outcomes.  If you would like help with board training and development, leadership coaching, succession planning, volunteer engagement strategies, or assessing other needs of your organization, contact the Community Development Educator, for more information.

Community Engagement
Extension co-creates spaces for community dialogue, deliberation and engagement to ensure that every voice is heard.  We design and facilitate collaboration, community visioning and other processes. Contact the Community Development Educator, for more information.

Community Economic Development
Extension works to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for Wisconsin residents.  We support community leaders who want to develop a shared vision for a healthy and productive community and build capacity to respond to change.  Extension offers research assistance, teaching, self-help tools and publications focusing on downtown and business district economic development.  We provide the economic development community with access to specialized research and technologies, outreach capabilities and faculty expertise.

Local Government Education
Extension provides information, research, training and tools for local government officials while expanding the knowledge base. We build capacity in communities through instruction that:

  • Helps new officials understand their roles and responsibilities as public officials in Wisconsin.
  • Develops the abilities of new and continuing officials to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.
  • Builds collaborations between Extension educators and local officials.
  • Provides current information on topics and practices that affect communities.
  • Helps officials fulfill requirements when statutes require specific instruction such as Board of Review.

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