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Master Gardener Program Volunteers

Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who aid UW-Madison, Division of Extension by helping people in their community better understand horticulture and their environment. Master Gardeners receive horticulture training from UW-Madison, Division of Extension specialists and faculty and local experts. In return for their training, Master Gardeners volunteer in UW-Madison, Division of Extension educational programs and horticulture projects which enhance the community.

Ask a Gardening Question!

Do you have a yard and garden related question? Use the ‘Ask a Gardening Question’ through Wisconsin Horticulture – Extension and tap into the expertise of a Extension staff member or a Master Gardener Volunteer in your area! Here’s the link: .

Growing and Caring for Plants in Wisconsin: Foundations in Gardening

UW-Madison Division of Extension Horticulture Program will look to offer the online course Foundations in Horticulture-Growing and Caring for Plants in Wisconsin again in Fall. Join our email list to be the first to hear about registration for the next session and … other gardening tips!

Course dates: September 8-December 7, 2024
Registration runs July 15-August 29, 2024

Take your next step to growing plants successfully using research-based methods! This online, learn-at-your-own pace course teaches you practical gardening skills plus the knowledge of why they work.

Foundations in Horticulture is an online course which teaches you researched based methods to grow your plants and manage pests. The course introduces a decision making framework that focuses on understanding how plants best grow, why pests and problems happen, and how to do our best to keep plant problems from happening. It emphasizes using brain power, common sense, and elbow grease rather than the spray bottle on the plants you grow inside and out. You really can have healthy plants and a healthy planet at the same time!

This online course is the first step to becoming a Master Gardener Program Volunteer. Space is typically limited. For more information about this course, visit:

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