Vet Science


What you can do in this project:
Learn about various areas of Vet Science like:

  • what is the normal animal (differences between types/species of animals and breeds of animals we have as pets or on a farm)
  • how to assess an animal’s health
  • safe handling of animals
  • signs of illness/problem
  • optimal care of an animal to keep them healthy
  • diseases/problems that occur in animals
  • what a veterinarian or animal technician/veterinary nurse does
  • some demos; some hands-on with animals

Grades: 3-13

No cost (except possible donation for optional tours)

Equipment Needed: None

Dates and Location:

  • Dates & times TBD.

We are in need of an adult project leader for this project. Contact the Extension office at 262-284-8288 if you are willing to volunteer in this capacity.

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