What you can do in this project:

  • Learn the basics of Dairy animals
  • Showmanship Training
  • Participate in County and State competitions

Grades 3-13

Cost: Varies

Equipment Needed: Depends on level of involvement.
Possible items: practice halter, show halter, show prep materials.
Youth do not need to have access to an animal to participate.

Dates: Information will be added as information is submitted.

Upcoming Events:


For more information, please contact:

President: Carla Schommer at carla.paulus@yahoo.com or 262-689-5399
Vice President: Mary Hamm at rmhammfamily@hotmail.com or 262-689-9482
Secretary: Heather Hamm at jhj9994@yahoo.com or 262-689-4963
Treasurer: Holly Wilger at hmwilger@gmail.com or 414-520-9922

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