Business at the Office

Taking Care of Business at the UW-Madison Extension Ozaukee County Office:

Yes, we like to hear from you! Here are a few tips to help us communicate effectively:


  • Type the name of the club, project, or program that you are communicating about in the subject line of your e-mail.


  • Call Extension Ozaukee County office at 262-284-8288.
  • With caller ID being so common, you may have the direct number to an educator. Because they are often at meetings or programs, your question may be answered faster if you call the main office number.
  • We have voicemail, so messages may be left in the evening, weekends, or when a particular staff member isn’t available. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

In Person

  • Appointments are requested for in person visits. Please call and schedule an appointment if you would like to stop into office or talk to a specific person to ensure that we can properly assist you.
  • Extension Ozaukee County is located at 121 W Main St, Port Washington, in the Administration Building, lower level (take the elevators to ‘G’ or ground level).
  • Current office hours are M-F 8:00 to 4:30 pm. (lunch noon)
  • If you are stopping by during office hours to pick up items, please call, set up an appointment, let staff know ahead of time so that we can gather materials for you.

Contacting Extension for Supplies:

Extension Ozaukee County is home to many programs that serve residents of Ozaukee County and some office equipment and supplies are shared with other program areas.

Please give us at least 3 business days’ notice if you need supplies, equipment, or prints/copies. This allows us time to adequately prepare the materials you need without disrupting regularly scheduled programming.

After-Hours Drop Box:

  • There is a secure drop box located at front entrance of building available for use (Main St. main entrance). It is a beige post box. Please ensure to mark whatever you drop in the box with Extension’s name on it to ensure it is delivered to our office.

Print/Copy Requests:

  • Please give us 3 business days notice if you need prints/copies. A request form (below) will need to be filled out and submitted with print/copy job. Extensive and complicated print/copy jobs and all jobs over 50 copies should be taken to your local office supply store or copy service. Please consider your print/copy needs when budgeting for activities/events and plan accordingly.
  • Request must align with an Extension approved activity.
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