Horse & Pony



What you can do in this project:

  • In Ozaukee County, the 4-H Horse program offers young people many different types of opportunities to learn all about horses from caring volunteer adult 4-H leaders.  These opportunities include education meetings, state education competitions, and horse shows. There are two distinct projects that young people may choose from depending on their interests and commitment level. These projects include the 4-H Horse and Pony Project and 4-H Horseless Horse Project.  Some things you will learn regardless of the project you pick are: the care of horses, the care of horse equipment, the types of shows and entries one can do with horses.

Grades: 3-13


Equipment Needed: Horseless Horse members do not need access to a horse. Equipment varies depending on level/type of participation in Horse project.

Project Add Deadline: May 1st to register a horse

Location (Horse): Ozaukee County Fairgrounds, Pavilion North or Horse Barn

  • Horseless Horse meets throughout county depending on the activity.
  • Horse meetings are located at the fair grounds in Cedarburg with at least one community service project located elsewhere.
  • Some months meetings are exchanged for group activities.

2023-2024 Dates: Dates can be found on the OCHPP website at

For more information, please contact:

Kate Hoffmann at or 262-339-3589
Debbie Poull at or 414-750-0048

The Horse & Pony Project maintains a website at  The website features loads of information for Horse Project members.

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