4-H Charter and Annual Renewal Process

A 4-H Charter indicates the 4-H Club or Group is organized in accordance with the objectives of the 4-H program. The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension grants 4-H Charters which formally authorizes the 4-H Club or Group to use the 4-H Name and Emblem for educational purposes in accordance with laws and regulations established by Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Charter Completion Guide provides assistance in completing the 4-H Charter Application and Annual Renewal packets, which can be found below. Note that the Charter forms posted below are fillable PDFs. You have the option to open the file, fill out the form, save the form and email the document to Jayna.hintz@wisc.edu (instructions below) OR you may print the form, write in the information and send it to the Ozaukee County Extension office, 121 W Main Street, Port Washington WI 53074. Please call the office at 262-284-8288 if you plan to drop off your paperwork.

To be authorized to use the 4‑H Name and Emblemall 4‑H Clubs and Groups must complete and return a packet to the County UW-Extension Office, including:

  1. Wisconsin 4-H Charter Application or Reapplication Document (pages 5-6 part of financial report)*
  2. Completed 4-H Club or 4-H Group Audit Checklist (Fillable PDF) (part of financial report)*
  3. Copy of the checkbook and/or savings registry covering July 1 – June 30 (part of financial report)*
  4. June 30th or July 1st ending bank statement (part of financial report)*
  5. Current 4-H Club or 4-H Group bylaws
  6. Annual 4-H Club or 4-H Group calendar covering October 1 – September 30

*Annual Financial Report (AFR) due September 1st. The following 6 items are required for AFR.

  • Wisconsin 4-H Clubs & Groups Annual Financial Report
  • 4-H Club or 4-H Group Audit Checklist
  • Copy of the checkbook and/or savings registry covering July 1 – June 30
  • Copy of the bank statement ending June 30 or July 1 for each account. Any differences between the bank statement(s) and the ending balance reported must be reconciled and the reconciliation must be uploaded with the Annual Financial Report.
  • Current inventory of land, buildings, property, or project equipment with individual values of $1,000 or greater.
  • Monthly Treasurer’s Reports for 4-H Clubs or Groups with annual income greater or equal to $20,000

*Charter Application due November 1

Charter Annual Renewal (Fillable PDF) Updated 6.2020

Charter Annual Renewal (Word Document) Updated 6.2020


4-H Charter Volunteer Resource Webpage

Charter Completion Guide – Resource for helping complete the New/Renewal Club or Group Application

SMART Goals Supplement – Resource for selecting and completing 2022-2023 SMART Goals

The IRS GEN Determination Letter outlines the accountability, responsibilities, and reporting requirements to maintain the Group Exemption Number.

How to Save a Fillable PDF Form

Please contact jayna.hintz@wisc.edu directly if you have questions regarding the 4-H Charter Application and Annual Renewal Packet.

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