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What you can do in this project:

  • Learn about selecting & handling poultry
  • Identify poultry breeds & body parts
  • Learn about health issues & feeding, keep records, market poultry
  • Exhibit poultry at County Fair

Grades: 3-13

Cost: Varies depending on breeds purchased

Equipment Needed: Housing, feeders, & waterers


2022-2023 Meeting Dates – contact project leader listed below

Achievement Guidelines:

  • Fifty percent attendance at Poultry Project Meetings
  • Maintain Record Books
  • Exhibit Poultry at County Fair, including Showmanship
  • Meet local club requirements
  • Record books signed by County Project Leaders
  • Be responsible for the care of your birds at Fair

For more information please contact:
Bob & Mari Schmidt at 262-242-5788 or schmidtrobert908@gmail.com
Erin Stewart at 262-689-6910 or stewzoo2973@gmail.com
Dennis Heusdens, 414-315-4605 or a67firechickn@aol.com

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