Cavy (Guinea Pig)

CAVY (Guinea Pig)

What you can do in this project:

  • Learn  proper care, handling, feeding, habitat set-up, and how to train/teach tricks to a guinea pig
  • Gain knowledge and skills for showing cavies (this is for interest only; cavies are not shown at the OCF)
  • Observe cavy behaviors and interactions with other cavies
  • Share cavy information and resources with others as you bridge new friendships

Grades: 3-13

Cost: Cost needed to procure a cavy (usually $20-$50), cage, and grooming tools

Equipment Needed: Cavy, cage, feeding, and grooming tools. Project leaders can assist youth in procuring a cavy.  Youth may begin the project without a cavy, but should obtain one by March.

This project needs a leader! Interested in being a 4-H project leader call the Extension office at 262.284.8288.