Science: Wisconsin Agriculture

Science: Wisconsin Agriculture

What can you do in this project?

  • Learn all about Ag from A to Z.  Meetings will start with crops, then animal and meat science, genetics, and wrap it up with soil science and a crop test plot.
  • Youth will have the opportunity to take crops that we grow in the test plot to the fair.
  • A number of field trips planned.  For example, the Kettle Lakes Co-op, Equity sale barn, a large dairy operation, the UW-Madison Meat Lab, and a butcher shop.

Grades: 3rd Grade through 13th Grade

Cost: There is no cost to the project.

Meeting Dates:

2020-2021 meeting dates TBD. Meeting are going to be between 2-4 hours long on average.  Days will be chosen by what works best for the majority of the youth.

For more information, please contact:

Teri Mejchar 414-333-8097  or

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