4-H Forms

Travel Experiences:
Older Youth Awards & Opportunities Appl Packet 19-20 rev (for reference only)

Countywide Projects:

Livestock Handbook 2020-2021
2020 Blue Ribbon Sm Animal Sale Handbook
WI COOL (Country of Origin) Form # 1 (Required for sheep and goats. Not needed for beef or swine.)
Shooting Sports Waiver Form
Archery and Shotgun Consent for Emergency Treatment Form
4-H Shooting Sports Code of Conduct
Wisconsin Shooting Sports Guidelines (.pdf)
Livestock Youth Participation One Year Beyond High School FILLABLE

Record Book Pages:
RECORD BOOK Ozaukee-County-4-H 2020 (.pdf)
RECORD BOOK Ozaukee-County-4-H 2020 (.doc)
Cloverbuds Form 2019 (.pdf)
Cloverbuds-Form-BW 2019 (.pdf)
Ozaukee County 4-H Rabbit Project Page (.pdf)
Ozaukee County 4-H Horse & Pony Project Pages (.doc)
Ozaukee County 4-H Horse & Pony Project Pages (.pdf)
Ozaukee County 4-H Horse & Pony Expense Page (.doc)
Ozaukee County 4-H Horseless Horse Record Book Page (.doc)
Ozaukee County 4-H Horseless Horse Record Book Page (.pdf)
Ozaukee County 4-H – Crop Management Record (.pdf)
Ozaukee County 4-H – Dog Project Page (.pdf)
Ozaukee County 4-H Goat Project Page (.pdf)
Ozaukee County 4-H Dairy Project (.pdf)
Ozaukee County 4-H Dairy Project Animal Info (.pdf)
Meat Animal Record Page (.doc)

2021 Friend-of-4-H-Nomination-Form (.doc)
2021 Leadership-Award-Nomination-Form (.doc)

Countywide Activities:
Wildlife WHEP WI 4-H TRACKS newsletter December 2020 (.pdf)

Summer Camp:

County Fair:
Animal documentation forms required for all Livestock Exhibitors (Beef, Sheep, Swine, Dairy, Horses, Goats & Poultry)
2021-22 Mr-Miss Ozaukee 4-H Candidates Letter
2021-22 Mr-Miss Ozaukee 4-H Application form

State Fair:

4-H Ambassador Application

Grants and Scholarships:
2021-Ozaukee-4-H-Foundation-Scholarship-Application fillable (.pdf)
Dairy Promotion Scholarship 2021 (.doc)
Haunt Scholarship Packet (.doc)
Farm Bureau Scholarship
Jeri Boehlke Memorial Scholarship Application

Policies and Expectations:
Sportsmanship Code of Conduct (.pdf)
Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development Policies (.pdf)

Leaders Association:
Leaders Board Application Form Due October 1
Leaders Board Application Form- Youth Liaison Due October 1
Brick Order Form 2018
Budget Request Form-fillable
2020 Check Request fillable
Leaders Association Deposit Form (.pdf)

health form-4-H event fillable
health form 4-H event (.pdf)
Care to Share form fillable
Care to Share form (.doc)
General-Non-Employee-Accident-Injury-Incident-Report-yellow (.pdf)
(.pdf)Taking Care of Business at Extension Office


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